WHO? Who Was? What? Where? ? ?

Who? What? Where?

Who was it that made history? How did you make history? Where? Questions such as these lead to bibliographies…FUN BIBLIOGRAPHIES!

The book series of Who Was? book series are less scary bibliographies of historic figure. {We all remember the large informational texts that were difficult to read as children}. Just as the covers illustrate, these individuals look like fun cartoon characters, while supporting the individual’s likeness.Including George Washington  , Martin Luther King Jr. , and Dr. Seuss  .


Bibliographies are no longer boring, 
these books make learning about historic figures enjoyable!

learning about apples? read Who Was Johnny Appleseed.


What Was the First Thanksgiving? is an excellent text.






Excite a child who loves jazz with Louis Armstrong

What was? Read about historic events

Who Was? Read about historic figures

Where Is? Read about influential places

As students read, I wonder…..

Will you be on one of these books covers one day?

For More Books visit Miss B’s Books: 

Miss B’s Books


‘Twas the Night before School

‘Twas the night before school,

And felt like she didn’t have a clue,

Books, pencils, paper, don’t forget the glue!

The night is here and when morning arrives

The dawn will shine bright and children will be alight.

You dream them racing towards your classroom door

Ready to learn, read, grow, and more!

Sleep tonight because before you know it

The children are coming with smiles to show it

How excited they are to be with you

You are what can make their dreams come true!

– Miss B

Impacts with Sound (but No Words)


The power of music and movement is undeniable! Think of a ballet, the most famous the Nutcracker, every member of the audience understands the whole story, the characters, the intensity of the problems, the energy when the problem is solved, and the emotional turmoil of each character……Yet we do not hear them.

No Words are spoken! Yet we Understand it!

The magic is experienced in Walt Disney’s Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. Listen and watching become intwined as your imagination creates connections.
These connections involve a person’s schemata, previous knowledge, social observation and knowledge, cause and effect, and inferences. The mind, at any age, fills in the blanks of what is unknown {creativity and imagaination are so important} based on what is already known by recognizing patterns and building connections. Your mind, based on the music and animation and your previous knowledge begins to narrate the segment, while your emotions are created based on the music and action shown.

  • Experience this as you watch and listen to Fantasia 2000’s Rhapsody in Blue portion. Feel the rush, intensity, understanding of hardships of various people trying to get through the day in the city. Viewers begin to acknowledge what life can feel like in the city. The tiredness of waking early to go to a hard working job for the day. Fun in the park. And the hardships on an ordinary day, the difficulties people and children can face, it can add lots of understanding and exposure for kids.


  • Become involved in the story of Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney’s 1940 Fantasia as he becomes the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The composer Paul Dukes created the magical and now famous musical piece of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice we will always associate with Mickey Mouse. This piece of music and animation allows each individual to feel the emotions being created just with music and action for the mind to begin to narrate the story. As our brain begin to make these connections between our knowledge, emotions, patterns, and the actions displayed we can begin to understand.


Walt Disney’s Fantasia & Fantasia 2000

Watching silent actions have the powerful ability to relay a story and thus to strengthen our learning skills of increase our pattern, connection, emotion, cause and effect, inference making skills, and social understanding information banks.

Whether at the age of 3 years old to 103, each person, almost automatically, understands the whole message, problem, solutions, and the wide range of emotions. It is with no words, no narration, but simply just music & a visual that you can fully understand everything that transpires.

Symphony Hour (1942)

Great way to teach the message of how powerful a person can be with just actions (face expression, and body language/movements). Beware of things unsaid and said because it is you that holds power to greatly affect others deeply (without saying a word).

Power of those actions hold the power to effects others with those actions.
Symphony Hour (1942)

Walt Disney’s 1942 Symphony Hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyDge2ddELA


ROAD TRIP        Vol. III.

License Plate State List

While driving or sitting in the backseat you can become curious about where the car next to you on the road is heading.

  • Are they driving to a wedding?
  • This that blue van in front of us visiting family out west?
  • That’s a lot of stuff strapped to that car, is that car going camping?
Open Road awaits Open Curiosity

The license plate state list is a fun way to mark all the state license plates of cars and trucks you see while driving. The challenge is to notice if you can spot ALL 50 states license plates. You can always extend the game too and add international license plates as well and Providences.
The great benefit (especially if you have an atlas) is to look up the state from the license plates. Kids will be curious and want to know the shape and where it is located.

Additionally, this is a great way to involve:

  1. Geography; what is it like there, how far they had to travel, where is it located, etc.
  2. Add math to this by discussing and solving distances, miles, travel time, etc. through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and word problems. *GPS apps have the ability to change travel from car, bike, walking, etc. You can use this as well to see the differences while traveling.
  3. Not to mention social studies and to instill wonderment and questions. Hmm, why would a car from Hawaii be traveling here in Oregon, are they going to a festival? Is that car from Michigan in Florida now to escape the cold winter up north? Etc. and so on and so forth, the possibilities are endless of the questions and where kids minds might wonder thus ask or comment.

When kids ask questions based from curiosity-  they will learn!

ROAD TRIP!      Vol II.

Vol II.

My Name is ____Lucy__,

I Live in __Louisiana___,

and I Sell __Leaopards__.

Fun in the Car Continues!!! This fun game is guaranteed to make you and your kids laugh hysterically!!! Kids and adults have to pick one letter, and then create a name, place, and thing that starts with that letter. For example, one person picks the letter L, and begins by saying: “My Name is LUCY, I Live in LOUSIANA, and I Sell LEOPARDS”. 

It can become quite hilarious that you will spend your time holding your stomach from laughing too hard!!

Find that Fun Animal!!

The game is great to identify same letter sounds, same beginning letter sounds, exposure to new vocabulary and even new things. It can be difficult to know what your child (at any age) knows and doesn’t know. A fish would never know what a volcano is because their world would never interact with a volcano. Same can be said about kids, if they have never been exposed to it their knowledge can be limited.

A PERSON, PLACE, OR THING. Yes, NOUNS!  Most Importantly why this game is fabulous! This game is an excellent example of how to practice the meaning of nouns. If you know it can be called a name, then it is a noun. If it can be a place, then it is a noun. If it can be sold, then it is a noun!

Find that Unique Place!!





Windows down, radio playing, and the road map (that’s the classic way. GPS-gotta love it). It’s that time for a family road trip whether it is an hour or 12 hours in the car with the kids, it has the ability to become memorable.


Summer Road Trip!


Traveling with kids, from newborns, toddlers, to teenagers can be fun and terrific, or trying and tiring. In the car kids can entertain themselves, but they need to learn it! To teach kids to entertain themselves is actually teaching them what they can do on their own to have fun.

The Wonders You Can See!!

Vol. I.

– I Spy!

The classic game of I Spy never fails with any age! Teenagers, kids, toddlers, and adults can I Spy things in the car or outside while driving. You would be surprise what kids think of, see, and even notice. It is a great way to see what your kid can see. Plus, this game can last as long as you wish.

Additionally, I Spy is a great way for kids to strengthen their vocabulary skills and to learn, especially if this is a road trip to somewhere new (palm trees, mountains, rivers, etc.) Kids now have a realistic picture they can associate with the word, plus a personal experience that tightens their ability to remember.

So Much to See !!!!


How kids can have fun on Road Trips…. and You Too!!!

Rainy Summer Days

Rainy Summer Days hold magic and mystery. The summer sun suddenly hides, grays skies move in, and the thunder begins to roll. All the little animals quickly skurry to escape the large drops of rain like the kids do as well. The air cools and the soft breezes sweep through carrying the rain and thunder.

As the rain drips down and slides against the window panes it ends fun times playing outside. But as the thunder cracks, something else is created… mystery…magic… the cozy feeling of being inside in tank tops and shirts.

The feel of mystery and magic is defiantly swirling around in the atmosphere (it is mysterious and yet magic of how quickly and completely summer rain and thunderstorms come and go). So it sets a perfect theme:

MYSTERY & MAGIC Books- Perfect for Rainy Summer Days

  • Nancy Drew
  • Hardy Boys
  • Harold & the Purple Crayon 

those Sunny Summer Spectacular days

Summer. There is nothing quite like summer. (Even though I LOVE winter and snow). As a kid summer meant playing outside with your siblings, enjoying the sun, swimming, staying up late, playing with friends, riding bikes all day long, chalk on the driveways, and basking in the enjoyment each day brought.

As a teacher or parent, summer still holds that wonder; staying up late, sleeping in, no packing lunches, ice cream, actually being able to read a book or catch up on tv shows. Basically coming back into the ‘real world’ or the ‘adult world’ for a few weeks.  (We all know and love working with kids, but it is nice to not get sneezed on, or sticky fingers.)

At the end of summer (please no!), we actually can’t wait to see our students!! We take all those sticky fingers, sneezes, coughs, etc. any day for those smiles, laughs, hugs, and pure excitement to enter our class. If you are a parent, the same can be said for you as your get to see your child once again enter the role of a student and expand their knowledge, skills, wonders, questions, and amazement of the new things in this world they have yet to uncover.


Enjoy the sun, soak it all up.

Steal more moments for those favorite summer things to do. Those summer things you wait all year for. So when the time comes (I’m still enjoying summer, so I am not saying “school” yet), you know you have lots of summer sun still in you that can last all year.

                 Feet up!                                Shades On!                          Soak that Summer Sun!

Vacation- by Thomas Rhett

From the Teacher’s Desk

As a teacher, parent, or friend our thoughts are continually running around in our heads. So many ideas! So many things to do! So little time!!!

At my teacher’s desk, I see all that my day has (so far) included and I can not actually see my desk beneath all the debris. Through all the forms to complete, lesson plans, pile of library books, list of project materials, papers to grade, and notes to write, I can barely finish a thought before it is overpowered by another idea from a different train of thought.

Make a list of new library books for next week’s unit……. don’t forget to go to the store for those few art supplies…might as well get some extra paper towels…. Oh what else do I need at home if I’m going to the store… Do I have food? Hmm and what will be for dinner? Forget dinner, how about chocolate. Should probably pick up more chocolate for my chocolate draw, today was rough can’t believe Jimmy thought glue was icing and put it on everything. (Definitely need more chocolate!)

Books & Crayons is a full of the power of books and the creativity crayons can influence together for the imagination. A shelf of books and a box of crayons holds knowledge and imagination with an unbeknownst level of possibilities [BN]. As life is crazy, and especially hectic for teachers, Books & Crayons is for teachers to grab their tea or coffee and ease their spinning heads for a bit and relax.